Please read before requesting an appointment with Muddy Buddies

Vaccinations / General Health
We require by law that each pet that we service must be current on his or her vaccinations and under the care of a veterinarian. If your pet seems unwell at any time while they are under our care, you will be notified immediately by our staff. Such health concerns can range from dental issues, seizures, vomiting/diarrhea etc. If we are unable to reach you in an emergency situation, your pet will be seen next door at Sequoyah Animal Clinic at cost to you.

Flea and tick infestations may result in additional fees or refusal of service. In order for us to avoid infestations of our salon and other clients’ pets, all animals must be flea and tick free before entering our salon. If in the event that after checking in we find your pet has fleas or ticks, we will administer a CapStar pill. You will be responsible for any additional cost.

Recurring Appointments
We would love to set you up for recurring appointments; however, we ask that you read before booking. Recurring appointments that you are unable to keep must be cancelled 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. If you miss more than 2 recurring appointments, we will cancel all recurring appointments for a 6-month period. You may schedule follow-up appointments at each visit and recurring appointments may resume in 6 months.

Cancellation / Late Arrivals
In order for us to provide each pet the proper amount of time and to keep our appointments as short as possible we must schedule according to each pet’s needs. We understand that unexpected things happen. Please provide at least 24 hours’ notice when cancelling your appointment. Less than 24 hours’ notice will result in a cancellation fee invoiced to you to be paid before your next appointment. Repeat cancellations could result in refusal of service.

If your pet is later than 15 minutes and we cannot accommodate your pet without disrupting other pets in our care, we may be forced to reschedule your appointment time.

Matting / Skin Problems
Excessive washing and neglect of your pet’s coat can result in matting. This can cause problems before, during and after grooming such as clipper irritation and skin infections. At Muddy Buddies, we will not cause pain in order to de-matt your pet. Severely matted animals will be shaved close to the skin, as this is the most humane course of action. Please note that pets who must be shaved are more susceptible to sunburn and skin irritations. We are always happy to work with you in growing your pet’s healthy happy coat. We
want to see them fluffy and happy as well.

We are happy to use any products that meet your pet’s needs, including veterinarian medicated products. At the time of your appointment please speak with your bather or groomer about any skin concerns you have. If your pet presents with severe skin issues at the time of his or her appointment you may have to reschedule in the best interest of the animal. If we were not made aware prior to the appointment a late cancellation fee may be applied.

Senior / Disabled / Obese Pets
Please contact us to talk about your senior or disabled pets needs before scheduling their appointment. No matter the age we understand that your pets must be groomed or bathed. We do our best to accommodate special needs within reason. We ask that you understand that it is very hard on some senior or disabled dogs to be groomed. Please give us extra time so that we may take our time and not push your pet past his or her tolerance level.

Day Boarding
We offer day boarding for our clients who have to work through the week and need an appointment. If you need to drop off early or are unable to pick up your pet after they are done with their groom or bath, please let us know and we can schedule them for day boarding.
In the event that we are unable to reach you after your pet’s groom or bath we will have to arrange day boarding for you at a cost of $10.00 a day.