Self-Service Bathing

When you visit Muddy Buddies, you need only bring your pet. We’re well-stocked with everything from shampoos and conditioners, to towels, brushes & ear cleaning supplies. We’ll even provide you with an apron to protect from any splashes, and a staff member will always be nearby to ensure all is well.

Our self-service bathing tubs are all shoulder height, so there’s no bending required to get your pet nice and clean. Many of our tubs also offer easy access stairs so larger pups don’t need to be lifted directly into them. With self-service bathing, you’re provided with all the necessary bathing supplies, a professional grade blow dryer, and (best of all) no clean-up! A professional nail trimming is offered to self-service bathers for an additional $6.50.

  • Dogs under 25lbs – $12
  • Dogs over 25lbs – $15

Professional Grooming & Bathing

A typical full-service grooming appointment includes a bath, haircut, ear cleaning and hair removal, nail trim, and anal gland expression. Grooming prices depend on the breed/size of dog as well as the unique cut style and coat condition. We offer breed-standard clips as well as clips modified to the preference of individual clients. Please contact us for pricing.

A professional bathing experience includes a bath with ear cleaning, nail trim, and anal gland expression. Additional charges may apply for matt removal, etc. Base rates are as follows:

Small Dog

  • Short Hair $21
  • Medium Hair $25
  • Long Hair $28

Medium Dog

  • Short Hair $25
  • Medium Hair $29
  • Long Hair $38

Large Dog

  • Short Hair $30
  • Medium Hair $33
  • Long Hair $45

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call Sequoyah’s Muddy Buddies Dog Wash today at (423) 664-5844.